LiTEArary: Shake Spearemint (William Shakespeare) - Organic Mint Tea Refill 20pk

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We all grew up with Shakespeare's plays, and there is nothing as fulfilling as a good cup of tea.  
We took both loves and combined them into an amazingly tasty and collectible tea product.

Our packets are limited runs and designed by artist Chari Pere.
Buy some today, and make your next event much ado about nothing.

Each tea pack contains: 

  • Flavor: Mint tea
  • Ingredients: Organic spearmint
  • Product Net Weight : .04 Oz (1.2g).
  • Limited run, artistically drawn wrapper.
  • Shipped loose, without boxes to reduce waste and protect our planet.
  • Limtied Run: 1,000,000 wrapper max print.
  • Organic & KSA Kosher