EqualiTEA Sampler - AraMINTa Ross, Marie Curie, MLK jr

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Our Complete EqualiTEA Series, Tea Sampler
"The Art in Artisan Tea"

 A mix of our EqualiTEA in one "Tea Cube(tm)"

Contains 20 Foil wrapped teas with a mix of:

*Marie Curie - Radiant Hibiscus

Ingredient: Organic Tulsi, Organic hibiscus, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Lemon Peel, and Organic Orange Peel

* AraMINTa Ross (Harriet Tubman) - Spearmint Orange Spice
Ingredients: Dried honey*, orange peel*, spearmint*, natural flavor and cinnamon* (*Organic)

MarTEAn Luther King Jr - Black EqualiTEA aka "English Breakfast"
* Ingredients: Organic Black Tea.

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