100pk - Mark Twainquility (Twain): Organic Chamomile & Fruit (LiTEArary)

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100 Limited Edition Artistically Drawn Foil Wrapped Tea Bags

Mark Twain's influence on American literature is second to none.  Now his influence in the tea world is just as important.
Mark Twainquility is a Chamomile tea with a delightful citrus taste.  
Get your limited edition now before our inventory, floats down the Mississippi River, and runs out.

Each tea pack contains: 

* Flavor:Chamomile & Fruit
* Ingredients: Organic rosehips, organic chamomile, organic orange peel & organic lemon myrtle
* Product Net Weight : .07 Oz (2g).
* Limited run, artistically drawn wrapper.
* Shipped loose, with no packaging better for the planet, savings for you!
* Organic & KSA Kosher

About The Artist
The Artist: Chari Pere




Art Spoilers...


References in the art, try to find them before scrolling down.


1. Connecticut on tea pot - Mark Twain lived and died in CT, the Mark Twain House is currently there. (Personal).
2. Riverboat guide book - Mark was a Riverboat captain for 2 years, his brother died in a steam room accident, he never went back to captaining. (personal).
3. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn - The most famous Twain characters rafting together. (Work).
4. Halley's Comet - Halley's Comet was in the sky when Twain was born, and came back when he died (Personal).
5. The package is yellow - Twain once said "Yellow Journalism – that calamity of calamities." (Work)
6. Chamomile Flavor - There is nothing more Twainquil than a hot cup of chamomile tea (The Tea).