100pk Liberal SuperPAC: RBG, Barry Berry, ImPeachmint - PoliTEAcal Sampler2

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Midterms are over, but the tea is just steeping!

Our liberal SuperPAC 100pk Tea Cube(tm) is a great gift for any occasion for your liberal friends.

The Perfect Holiday, White Elephant or Donkey, or need a smile gift!

Each Pack contains the following.

RBG Tea - Green Tea with Lemon Ginseng (caffeinated)
Artist: Chari Pere 
Barry Berry Tea - Berry Tea (caffeine Free)
Artist: Robb Armstorng 

ImPeachMint Tea - Rooibos, Tulsi Mint, Peach Tea (caffeine Free)
Artist: Daniel Orozco


Shipped loose to help save the planet.