100pk Harry Chai-Pin: America Famous Ginger Chai Tea (ChariTEA Series)

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The ChariTEA series combines amazing "art, honors Harry's legacy of giving to others, plus it's a delicious organic tea."

"The Best Thing to Happen To Tea Since Water"

$1.00 per 100 pack sold from our website sales will be donated and split between The Long Island Cares Harry Chapin Food Bank and The Harry Chapin Foundation .

The perfect gift for someone that loves tea, music, Harry Chapin, Chai Tea, "Cats in the Cradle" or collects artwork.
Bring to friends or serve it and watch the laughs and conversation heat up!

Quote on back of bag: "We have a choice to make each man who dares to drink TEA, reaching out his hand a prophet or just a crazy dreamer of a fool"


Each tea pack contains: 
* Flavor: Harry Chai-Pin -America Famous Tea 
* Ingredients: Ginger*, Lemongrass*, Licorice root*, peppermint*, Natural Flavor, Black Pepper*, and black tea*(* organic)
* Product Net Weight: .06 Oz (1.8g).
* Quantity: 100 Limited edition collectible foil wrapped tea bags.
* Certified Organic, KSA Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan
* Shipped In a Tea Cube. Want to protect he planet? Don't need a cube? put "Less waste" in checkout comments, and we will ship you the tea with no extra packaging.
* Fits The TeaBook perfectly.
* Current Print 25,000/Max Print 2,000,000
* First Printing
* Endorsed by Long Island Cares (TM), and the Harry Chapin Foundation (TM).

About The Artist
The Artist: Aaron Rodriquez


Art Spoilers...

References in the art, try to find them before scrolling down.