100pk - Fred TEA Mercury (Freddie): Bohemian Raspberry (LGBQTEA)

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The LGBQTEA series combines amazing "Art, Parody & Delicious Organic Tea."

"The Best Thing to Happen To Tea Since Water"

10% of profits from our website sales will be donated to Mercury Phoenix Trust Foundation (not affiliated with our company).

The perfect gift for someone that loves tea, music, Freddie Mercury, LGBT Q pride or collects artwork.
Bring to friends or serve it and watch the laughs and conversation heat up!

Quote on back of bag: # "I'm possessed by Tea, but isn't everybody? - FredTEA Mercury


Each tea pack contains: 
* Flavor: Bohemian Raspberry
* Ingredients: Rosehips*, hibiscus*, chamomile*, rooibos*, natural flavor, dried blueberry powder*, dried raspberry powder* and dried blackberry powder*. (* organic)
* Product Net Weight : .07 Oz (2g).
* Quantity: 100 Limited edition collectible foil wrapped tea bags.
* Certified Organic, KSA Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan
* Shipped loose, without boxes to reduce waste and protect our planet.
* Fits The TeaBook perfectly.
* Current Print 25,000/Max Print 2,000,000
* First Printing

About The Artist
The Artist: Aaron Rodriquez 



Art Spoilers...

References in the art, try to find them before scrolling down.

1. Microphone -  He had a broken mic, he would use on stage (Music).
2. British/Indian flag pants - He was born in India (Zanzibar) (Personal).
3. The Star Constellation - He was a graphic designer and made Queens logo, using the bands zodiac. He was a Virgo (Personal)
4. The Daisy - When asked if gay he said "I am as gay as a daisy" (Personal).
5. Red Ribbon on cup  - He died of AIDS related Pneumonia on Nov. 24th 1991 (Personal).
6. Bohemian Raspberry -  Is a parody of Bohemian Rhapsody (Music).
7. The setting is a stage -  He was a musical genius and pushed the limits of what he could do on stage (Music).
8. Big Ben - He was a British citizen and lived and died there (Personal).
9. The Musical Notes - He was a great musician and composer (Music).
10. The Crown -  He was a member of "Queen" and often wore one on stage (Music).
11. The Hands - Freddie was open about being gay in a time when it was still seen as wrong,
       but his audience loved him no matter what so  we made the hands rainbow colored (Music/Personal).

 *Product photo is for reference and may differ slightly in color an appearance.